Road treatments

We all understand that wood calls for periodical maintenance, in order to enhance its service life. Why wouldn’t road coverage be the same ? For almost two years, M.I.S. Grup has been a member of the partnership with the British company Jobling Purser, founded in 1830 and specialised in asphaltic emulsions for almost a century. Through the agency of M.I.S. Grup, the British suggest to the Romanian market an innovative solution, at cost effective prices, which extends the shelf life of the existing road coverage by more than 5 years. It is about the Armaseal product – an asphaltic emulsion that forms a watertight thin coat highly resistant to oxidisation and to shocks. Armaseal is being successfully used around the world, on highways and other types of roads, in airports, heliports, car parks etc. M.I.S. Grup is furthering this solution for its clients and has begun carrying out the first projects with Armaseal in western counties of Romania. Of course, Jobling Purser offers many other treatment solutions for roads and M.I.S. Grup, as their sole representative in Romania, recommends and furthers them all, depending on the on-site situation.