Road infrastructure

The modernisation or the building from the scratch of a road supposes an endeavour that is best to be left in the hands of a professional ! There are so many details, so many calculations, so many intermediary stages, so much responsibility after its delivery and opening to the public, that only professionals should take up such a work. Since its very beginning, that is two decades ago, M.I.S. Grup has greatly invested in know-how and expertise. It has attracted into its team ones of the best engineers in the region and ones of the best trade specialists. Today, at the level reached by M.I.S. Grup, after the completion of hundreds of kilometres of county, township, forest or agricultural roads, this kind of construction has become a usual work to M.I.S. Grup.

Nevertheless, the company always comes up with innovative propositions within the projects that it is implementing, with an aim to render the work more efficient, to enhance the construction sustainability or to provide further benefits from such works. For instance, the company is the first one of the region to apply, at an increasing scale, the ingenious method of burying the trenches prepared for rainwater under the edges of the road, thus solving a big aesthetics problem and also enlarging the carriageway. Another example : the company uses an innovative treatment for the old roads – a special mixture that extends the shelf life of the asphalt or even of a dirt road by 5 to 7 years.