We introduce innovation

We are aware that without innovation we cannot evolve and then we have embraced it in all sectors of our business. Any investment made today in equipment, products, innovative solutions will pay off tenfold in the future.

To meet the challenges of the future, we have thoroughly prepared. We now have the most modern machinery, equipment and vehicles for transportation. We have the most modern concrete station and the most modern asphalt mix station. We have the best engineers, who offer innovative solutions to the contracted works. We even have innovative products, such as the road treatment mixture – Armaseal – thanks to our British partner Jobling Purser, or some wooden or sheep wool parts, thanks to our partner Silvania International. We have taught our people to be open to the new and to always come up with ideas and proposals, many of them proving their value over time. We embrace innovation, it is the engine that will ensure us a place in the future.